Botox / Xeomin

Botox® and Xeomin® are both similar in the sense they are both neurotoxins used to treat fines lines and wrinkles.   Both of these injectibles can help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, bunny lines and “crow’s feet”.   Botox® / Xeomin® are safe and effective methods to give your face a fresh, wrinkle-free appearance.  As part of many women’s beauty routines, Botox® / Xeomin® injections are the “go-to” for individuals who consider this prevalent treatment something they just can’t live without.    Results typically last 3 months.
Many of us simply can’t imagine life without Botox®. This world-famous form of purified botulinum toxin A is a beauty go-to and a necessity if you ask just about any woman over 40 in the Phoenix area.   Botox® works by blocking the nerves that contract muscles in the face, thus softening fine lines and wrinkles.  The common troublesome areas which can benefit from Botox® injections include the forehead and eye area (crow’s feet).  Some of the less common areas treated by Botox® are the bands in the neck, dimples in chin, and crinkles in the nose or “bunny lines.” Surprisingly, Botox® injections are also very effective in reducing a gummy smile and underarm perspiration.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Traditionally, patients in their mid-30s or 40s seeking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  However, the average age for a typical Botox user is rapidly decreasing.  Social media has created an influx of younger individuals being treated with Botox® and facial fillers. This younger generation pursue the injections as a preventative measure.  Moreover, an increasing number of men are taking advantage of fighting father time with Botox®.  Rightfully so, as their results are equally as impressive as women!
There are those who believe years of using Botox® can build up immunity cause the loss of ability to freeze muscles.  If you feel Botox® has lost its magic touch, try Xeomin®.  Like Botox®, Xeomin® is a botulinum toxin, though touted as a more-pure version of the neuro toxin.  It is often referred to as the “naked” neuro toxin. Unlike Botox®, Xeomin® has no additives, just the botulinum toxin A.  It is believed there is less of a risk of developing resistance against Xeomin® verses Botox®.  Like Botox®, the effects occur 5-7 days after the injections and can last 3-6 months.
Essentially, the majority of the studies indicate the two products to have similar effects and to be equally as effective.  Many remain loyal to the Botox® name while others are ready to move on to the newer “naked” neurotoxin, Xeomin®; especially if they feel they have built up a resistance to Botox® and its effects.
And many, bounce back and forth between the two.  Nothing wrong with a little variety.  Valley Medical proudly offers both Botox® and Xeomin® injectables as part of our facial rejuvenation services. If you haven’t already signed up for their loyalty programs, we highly recommend you do so prior to you visit in so we can create your account on your next visit to Valley Medical Weight Loss.
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