Sculptra® is different from the other more common injectable cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm®, Voluma®, or Volure®.   The other fillers are formulated using hyaluronic acid which are designed to fill in or plumb the areas under the skin where wrinkles, facial folds and creases have formed.  The effects are immediate.  Sculptra®, on the other hand, is a collagen stimulator which produces results gradually over a short period of time; typically, 4-6 weeks. Sculptra® is not a hyaluronic gel but a biocompatible synthetic substance called poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA.  Like the other injectables, it is used to restore facial volume.
The FDA approved this poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)- based injection for medical purposed for the restoration and correction of fat loss with individuals with HIV in 2004.  They found the properties of Sculptra® and PLLA to have a long-standing history of safe use in medical applications and as vectors for sustained release of bioactive compounds.  Overtime, the result was a build-up of collagen to create facial volume at or near the injection site.
Today, Sculptra® is approved is FDA approved for aesthetic purposes and being used throughout the world as an alternative to plastic surgery.  Its effects are gradual and long lasting.  As we age, collagen production decreases thus leading to facial aging.  Research indicates up to 1% every year after the age of 18.  By the age of 50, studies indicate an average of 30% loss of collagen. The Poly-L-lactic (PLLA) in Sculptra® actually stimulates collagen production to help bring back that fullness.  The collagen production can be a key factor in facial rejuvenation.  Unlike most injectable fillers, the results are not instant but gradual.  The full effects take place over the course of 4-6 weeks after the Sculptra® treatment.  It is often reported, people will notice you look refreshed and more youthful but not able to pinpoint why!
According to Galderma, the manufacturer of Sculptra®, 80% of users were still satisfied with their results 25 months later.  It is definitely a longer lasting treatment which is one of the major benefits of Sculptra®.  Because Sculptra® helps stimulate natural collagen production, it can produce very natural results.
For individuals with a healthy immune system, Sculptra® may be the perfect solution for individuals seeking to increase facial volume that has been lost due to aging or illness.  This one-time treatment regimen of one to four injection sessions are typically scheduled about 3 weeks apart.
An ideal candidate for Sculptra® injections would be those who want to restore fullness to their face slowly and discreetly to address fine lines and wrinkles.  Anyone with a healthy immune system who has experienced loss in facial fullness or youthfulness.  Typically an ideal Sculptra®  candidate may be in their mid to late 30s or older seeking natural, long lasting results.
Looking for a skilled physician to administer Sculptra® treatments in the Phoenix?  Look no further!  Dr. Keiffer has been performing Sculptra® injections since they were approved for HIV patients back in 2004.  She is a talented and experienced injector who prefers to use the cannula method with Sculptra®.  This method minimizes the risks associated with standard needle injections such as bruising, pain and swelling.   It also helps ensure proper placement by distributing the Sculptra® more evenly thus producing more desirable and natural results.
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