Voluma® $745/syringe

Volumize, lift and contour your cheeks
Voluma® is similar to Juvderm® but specifically formulated to add volume, lift, and add fullness to the cheek area.  Adding a little pump to your cheeks can really have an impact in revitalizing a more youthful appearance.  This simple procedure can be done with a standard needle or cannula to add necessary volume to help create a fuller cheek.  By adding Voluma®, one may expect a slight lift in the jowls as well as a smoother appearance in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area often referred to as “crow’s feet”.
Often, people only think of Botox® to help minimize those lines around eye but Voluma® can be extremely effective in plumbing the area of the upper cheeks (under the eyes) thus omitting the need for Botox injections every few months.  Because Voluma® for crow’s feet is so effective, it can save you time and money on Botox maintenance in that area.
Done properly,  it truly adds subtle fullness in the mid to upper face area.  Many individuals tend to lose volume in this area with gradual aging so why not kill two birds with one stone and try Voluma®to contour and lift you cheeks as well as wrinkles around your eyes!  Many patients report looking 5 years younger with this injectable filler.  It’s a true WINNER in our book!
Results typically last  approximately 2 years.
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