Whether you choose our Rapid Weight Loss Program, Immune Booster, B12 vitamins, or Fat Burning Lipotropic Injections, Valley Medical has it covered. We offer a broad spectrum of safe and effective primary weight loss and supplemental injection programs that can help you lose weight and feel great.


Lipotropic B

Lipotropic Injections are also referred to as fat burning injections. These injections are packed with fat burning amino acids and B vitamins for weight loss and are considered helpful when they are given as part of an overall diet and exercise regimen.

Lipotropic Excel

Our Lipo Excel injection (also known as Lipo X) is similar to the Lipo B but has the added benefit of Carnitine. Carnitine helps transport toxic compounds out of cells to prevent toxin build-up.

Lipotropic Blast

The Lipo Blast injection is our top of the line lipotropic injection "POWER-PACKED" with a combination of B complex vitamins in addition to everything found in the Lipo Excel and Lipo B injections.

B12 Injection

B12 (methylocobalamin) injections are important to the body for growth, cell production, and blood & nerve function.

Hormone Injection Diet

The hormone injection diet was introduced as Dr. Simeons "weight loss cure protocol" and used by hundreds of thousands of patients around the world over the last 30 years with spectacular, permanent results.

Immune Booster

This amazing injection boosts your immune system naturally. Think of it as an all-natural flu and cold shot.

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* Disclaimer: Individual results and experience may vary. Any stated results are not guaranteed and are not typical.
All weight loss is a result of the individual’s body type and medical weight loss plan.