Hormone Injection Diet

Please Note: Due to restrictions in advertising, we cannot use the common term for this well-known diet and have substitutied the name as ‘hormone injection.

The hormone injection diet was introduced as Dr. Simeons “weight loss cure protocol” and used by hundreds of thousands of patients around the world over the last 30 years with spectacular, permanent results.

The average dieter following the protocol will experience rapid weight loss, averaging 0.5 to 3 pounds per day!

This advanced weight loss program can guarantee SUCCESS RESULT FOR PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE PLAN EXACTLY.  It is a physician-supervised program that is completely safe and has been developed to help people not only lose weight, but keep it off.

The ingredient injected is a hormone present in everyone; however, in pregnant women it is produced in the early stages of pregnancy to control a woman’s metabolic function. Research is now suggesting that it similarly increases the metabolism and promotes lipolytic, or fat burning activity, for non-pregnant women and men.

Most people generally think of fat as just that; “fat.” But there are three distinct types of fat; two of which we need, and one we don’t. The unwanted fat is the kind that ruins our appearance, and is very unhealthy. This unhealthy, unwanted fat is also almost impossible to lose because it is only burned in times of starvation and pregnancy. So for non-pregnant people, adding a small trace of this hormone helps the body burn this stored fat for energy. An additional result is a reduced craving for food and the ability to adhere to a rigid diet program. The hormone accesses the unnecessary fat stored in the body just as it does in early pregnancy. Abnormal fat deposits disappear like that double chin, potbelly, and excess fat around the hips & thighs. Most importantly, the hormone does not deplete the two ‘healthy’ fats – the subcutaneous and structural fat.

Patients who struggle with fat in the stomach, buttocks, and hips quickly notice a reshaping of their body’s contours in these areas. Dr. Simeons was ingenious in recognizing that this hormone triggers the body to burn this type of fat. It appears to reset the hypothalamus gland, along with areas of the brain that regulate a variety of hormones, blood sugar metabolism, blood pressure, and other key body functions.

The hormone injection helps metabolize the stored body fat and release calories into the bloodstream. Because of this, the required low calorie diet can be followed without experiencing the normal fatigue, weakness, or hunger one would normally find from severely limiting one’s calories. In addition to loss of unwanted fat and toxin elimination, the true benefit of the protocol is its ability to help modify the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.

Valley Medical Weight Control’s hormone injection diet program includes a 7 day supply of medical-grade hormone, along with a Lipo B injection twice per week. We are happy to give you these injections in our office or send them home with you.

As with all our weight loss programs, this injection diet program will be supervised by our team of weight loss physicians.

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* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any stated results are not guaranteed and are not typical. All weight loss is a result of the individual’s body type and medical weight loss plan. Individual results and experiences may vary.

** Individual results and experience may vary. Any stated results are not guaranteed and are not typical. All weight loss is a result of the individuals body type and medical weight loss plan. Individual results and experiences may vary.