Lipotropic X

Lipotropic Injections are also referred to as fat burning injections. These injections are packed with fat burning amino acids and B vitamins for weight loss and are considered helpful when they are given as part of an overall diet and exercise regimen. Patients report that they have more energy for exercise, and do not feel the need to eat more. According to scientific sources, lipotropic compounds help catalyze the breakdown of fat in the body. By asking your doctor about the effectiveness of these fat burning weight loss injections, you can take the first steps toward losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.


Contains Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B-Complex, & Carnitine.

  • 1 Lipo X Injection: $20
  • 6 Lipo X Injection: $100
  • 10 Lipo X Injection: $150
Lipo X includes
Methionine: Lipotropic which helps improves cognitive performance and mood. Aids with depression, inflammation and fat metabolism. Very beneficial to detoxing the liver.
Inositol: Lipotropic to helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol.  It can also boost mood, and overall well-being.  Beneficial in the breakdown of fat to heart, arteries, liver and brain.  Has been known to help control appetite.
Choline: Lipotropic with liver protecting benefits that also helps with brain health including mental focus, mood and exercise performance and recovery.  Assists with the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.
B1: Also known as Thiamin, B1 promotes a healthy metabolism, benefits nervous system, heart function, brain health and memory
B5: Also know as Pantothenic Acid.  Aids in the acceleration of healing wounds.  Helps to increase energy, mood and memory.  This B vitamins also promotes subtle skin and healthy hair.
Carnitine: Can reduce fatigue and suppress appetite plus increase strength and muscle mass plus improves fat metabolism and energy levels.  Supports weight loss.

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