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As the premier medical weight loss diet center in Phoenix, Valley Medical Weight Control has created cutting-edge weight loss programs tailored to individuals seeking a non-surgical, safe option for weight loss. Our team of physicians has created an easy-to-follow, dynamic weight loss system that keeps you both motivated and energized so you can meet your goals.


More energy

More enthusiasum


Better accountability


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Advanced weight-loss tools to help you tailor your plan

Board-certified physicians

Our programs are supervised by our board-certified naturopathic physicians so you gain an edge in your weight loss battle.

Individualized options

Our customizable weight loss systems feature the very best success-proven formulas.

Safe & affordable

Our team of weight loss specialists is constantly striving to create and provide cutting-edge weight loss programs that are not only safe but genuinely affordable.

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“This place is so amazing, the staff is so friendly & I have always felt like I am going to visit friends. I have struggled with my weight & found myself stuck at an unhealthy weight. Thanks to Valley Medical I have lost 24 plus lbs in 6 weeks. Thank you so much Valley Medical Weight Loss, I recommend them to everyone.”
— Francine

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We’re making it simpler to meet your weight loss and wellness goals! Drop into any of our three Valley locations, and we’ll help you create a plan that matches your goals. 

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