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Our customizable programs feature the very best success-proven formulas and depending on your needs and schedule, can include the use of appetite suppressants, vitamin supplements, B12 injections, and revolutionary lipotropic injections.

These advanced tools, combined with nutritional education and meal plans, allow our physicians to create customized weight loss programs to fit every individual lifestyle and personal need.

* Disclaimer: Individual results and experience may vary. Any stated results are not guaranteed and are not typical. All weight loss is a result of the individual’s body type and medical weight loss plan.

5-star weight loss stories

“Amazing is all I can say!! I feel amazing, the staff is amazing & this program is amazing. I’ve had issues loosing weight for about 2 years now... a friend referred me to Valley Medical & our weight loss journey is great so far.  I still have 25 more lbs that I want to lose but the tools they give me will last a lifetime to keep the weight off. .If you’ve had trouble losing weight I would definitely recommend Valley Weight Loss Medical Clinic!!!”
— Alejandra
"Completely love this place! The best customer service and it works! I'm extremely happy with my results and will continue to go to this office for all my weight loss needs. I've referred many friends and co-workers to go as well."
— Amber
“The best weight loss center in all of Arizona. I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months & feeling great. I’m down to my high school weight & looking good. Great people, great customer service & the costs are just right.”
— Vic
"I have been on the program here since January. In total, I have lost almost 40 lbs. A big part of it is the medication and diet plan laid out by Valley Medical. And, the other part is my personal dedication and commitment to making a change in my life. This program has worked amazingly well for me."
— Andrew
"I have lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks!!! Super happy with my results."
— Brenda
"I love this place! I've been a customer on and off for quite some time but no matter how long you've been away, when you come back they still treat you like family! The Tempe staff is awesome and very encouraging! Keep up the good work!"
— Angelica
"I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with the tools they give you. The staff is courteous, and the office clean and comfortable. It was a pleasure to shed the pounds!"
— Anonymous
"The staff was very professional and friendly. They explained all of my different options without any high-pressure sales. I was very afraid it was going to be like going to the gym for the first time where they make you feel super fat. It wasn't like that at all. I left feeling really good about myself and ready for my weight loss journey."
— Anonymous
"I went in yesterday for a consultation to lose some unwanted pounds. They were fast and efficient. I understood everything and was able to choose a weekly plan that fits my budget and help me jump-start my weight loss. Everyone was friendly and answered any questions I had. I am excited to start the process and see how Valley Medical Weight Control can help me meet my goals."
— Anonymous
"I have been successful at losing nearly 30lbs so far! Valley Medical Staff makes you feel like family. They celebrate your weight loss and are so helpful and encouraging at every step. Thanks!"
— Bobbie
"Thank you for accepting me and providing the information and support. Already down 5 lbs. Looking forward to seeing my new friends this week."
— Anonymous
"My experience was great! Cheryl was freaking AWESOME! Dr. Atkins was very friendly! Can't wait for my weigh-in."
— Barbarah
"I really liked the atmosphere and everyone was very helpful and made me feel comfortable... So that was a plus for me."
— Beatrice
"So far, after two weeks, I'm pleased with my experience. The facility is clean and professional looking. The staff is courteous and generally, I get through my twice-weekly visits quickly. My experience with the program to date is a total weight loss of 4 pounds as of this morning. Not bad for two weeks! I did take a few days to get used to which supplement to take when, but now I have it down pat."
— Cathy
"Great experience! Staff was very friendly and respectful. The physician that I spoke with understood my situation and addressed my concerns. I will be a customer for life."
— Charlotte
"I love it! The front desk lady is always so nice, and friendly. I always choose Cheryl to do my shots. She has a way of doing it that won't leave you sore and is always so cheerful. She explains things on point. I was embarrassed to come to this office at first. I always struggled with my weight and I was scared about trying the medication. The staff here makes you feel comfortable. Everyone at this office is amazing. Thank you, guys, so much for being part of my weight loss journey!"
— Cynthia
"From the moment I began...I felt part of a family! They all have been so supportive and celebrate my 40+ lbs off!!! Sending hugs to you all...."
— Cathy
"The staff was so friendly and fun. I thought DeAnna Woeller was very informative and helpful. I am so excited to start this program to drop some pounds! Very supportive staff. Thank you!"
— Diana
"I really like this doctor -- didn't feel rushed and she was very personable. Wait times are long but worth it."
— Leigh
"It works! What can I say... The staff are professional and friendly and won over my doctor hubby who was skeptical at first. The treatment works even with minimal effort on your part it just works slower. Works faster if you put more effort into your weight loss. I used it when I'd hit plateaus in my baby weight loss journey and it would get me through every time without much fuss. Now hubby is using it after seeing my success and he is dropping lbs steadily."
— Kara
"Absolutely love this place! I am back on track losing weight and getting healthy. Doctors and staff are so friendly and very helpful in getting you to your weight loss goals. They have excellent hours so there is a time for everyone to get in. Even when they are busy they get you in as soon as possible and cheer you on as you step on the scale."
— Lisa
"I was originally referred by a friend who had great success. Wasn't sure how it would work on me but figured I'd try it out. From my very first appointment, the staff was amazing. They made me feel so comfortable. Aside from that, it was efficient and easy. I've been going for 5 weeks so far and I'm already down 22 lbs. I'm never hungry, which is great and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Anyone who's struggled with the ups and downs of weight gain will understand that. I have and will recommend Valley Medical Weight Control to anyone that needs the help I did. Can't say enough amazing things about this place."
— Maria

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