PDO Threads

A non-surgical option for a youthful face & skin

The MINT™ lift is a nonsurgical option for those who want the benefits of a facelift without going through a surgical procedure. The PDO thread lift improves the appearance of sagging skin and delivers a youthful look without painful or extended recovery. 

MINT™ PDO threads are dissolvable sutures made of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO).  Valley Medical offers two types of PDO threads: Smooth and Lifting. 

Types of Threads:

Lifting threads

Lifting threads provide immediate results  that continue to improve over the six months post-procedure. The cuts or striations in these threads provide lifting properties. When placed under the skin, they catch the tissue and allow for it to hold  in place, creating a visible lift & at the same time, promoting the creation of collagen to revitalize skin. The “lifting threads” are those that are used for the non-surgical facelift. 

Effective for:

Smooth threads

Smooth threads aid in texture improvement, skin rejuvenation, and act as a collagen builder. The results from smooth threads are progressive rather than immediate. Typically, several treatments spread out over 3-6 months is the best option for optimal results. 

Effective for:


Instalift Threads

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Subtle, natural-looking results

MINT™ threads stand out from any other thread options because of the barbs that hold the suture in place. Additionally, MINT™ threads are the only FDA-approved threads for facial tissue fixation. These threads are stronger & deliver a longer-lasting lift than other types of threads. And on top of that, cause minimal tissue reaction and trauma during the procedure. 

The MINT™ PDO is backed by over 6 years of clinical studies for safety and efficacy. It is the only PDO suture with two FDA clearances. 

What to expect with PDO threads

When you arrive for your procedure, you always get one-on-one attention from master thread artist, Dr. Julie Keiffer, who specializes in PDO threads and other aesthetic procedures.

You’ll get to discuss your health history, current concerns, and goals so we can determine if PDO threads are the right option for you.

If you’re new to PDO threads, we review the process from start to end for your treatment. The procedure starts with local anesthesia and Dr. Keiffer will insert the dissolvable threads under the skin to create an immediate & natural-looking lift. Depending on the area, the procedure will take from 70 to 90 minutes. After your procedure, you’ll be able to leave and return to your life as usual the next day.

Soreness may result from the placement of the threads and some patients experience minor bruising or swelling, but it typically resolves within a few days. 

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